Handsets for business

Not so long ago, there was only one brand when it came to company mobile phones – BlackBerry.

While BlackBerry is still a big player in the corporate market, more businesses are turning towards Apple and Android devices for their company executives.

At Airtel-Vodafone we have access to a wide range of the latest devices, at competitive prices.

BlackBerry for business

BlackBerry is still a popular choice with business users and offers the following benefits:

  • Querty keyboard is still popular with executives
  • IT departments like the strong security features associated with BlackBerry

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iPhone for business

The iPhone is growing is stability and reputation with each new handset and software update released, which makes it an increasingly popular choice for business. It also offer the following benefits

  • Synchronicity with iPad devices
  • Access to the App store and range of business applications
  • Robust operating system

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Android for business

Familiarity with users and generally lower costs, means that Android is attracting greater numbers of business users, and also offers the following benefits:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Wide range of devices available
  • Wide range of keyboard options

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