Cloud storage solutions

What are the most secure mobile based cloud storage solutions?

With the advent of cloud storage, we no longer need to be tied to our desks in order to access and share sensitive files over an internal network. Cloud storage solutions are an absolute must when you need your business to be mobile. However, when Dropbox was hacked earlier this year, with over 68 million email addresses and passwords leaked onto the web, the safety of cloud based storage was brought into question.

Firstly, it’s imperative that you or your employees are not using consumer-grade cloud storage services with your mobile devices. Cloud services that offer built-in encryption and secure storage, are essential to secure mobile business. Here are three cloud storage apps that offer just that:

According to their website Sync say they are “the most private, most secure cloud storage service on the planet!”. Sync’s unique, zero knowledge storage platform ensures that only you have access to the keys that keep your data safe and secure.

Tresorit claims to offer “a truly secure cloud storage service.” Security features include client-side encryption, secure data transfer, and secure data centres that are equipped with physical security measures against intrusion as well as uninterruptible power and backup systems.

Launched in 2013, pCloud is still a relatively new service but claims “military level client-side encryption.” To prove just how secure their service is, pCloud created a six-month challenge that attracted more than 2,860 hackers, all competing to win $100,000. The result - no one managed to hack their system. Impressive.

All of these apps are available from the App Store and Google Play, and are free to download. Each comes with an initial free data allowance, with reasonable rates for additional storage.