Lost or stolen devices

What happens if a business mobile device goes missing?

Using a mobile or tablet for work has many advantages, but when a device goes missing it can cause security implications. Employees lose more that 10 million devices containing work-related data every year, according to research by EE. The most common places to lose a device are often the most public, so it’s very hard to know who might have found your sensitive data, and what they might do with it.

When a device goes missing you should consider the following key areas:

Security - Ensure proper security measures are installed on all devices such as password protection on both your SIM and device, location-tracking apps, and software that can wipe data remotely.

Immobilise - It’s a good idea to register your devices on immobilise.co.uk. The Immobilise database is used by the Police to identify the owners of recovered property, and is also used by resellers to combat the sale of stolen goods.

Reporting - Report the loss immediately to your company, your mobile provider, and the police.

Data back-up - Make sure you and your employees are using a secure cloud-based system to back-up all data, ensuring no information is permanently lost.

If your device has been lost or stolen, please contact your dedicated account manager.