Staying connected while roaming

What should I check before working off-island?

Businesses are expected to be more productive than ever and employees now expect to have access to the same level of connectivity wherever they are, even while on business trips abroad. Before you travel, we recommend checking the following:

Is roaming included on your plan?

Your account manager can tailor your mobile package to suit your individual roaming needs, including adding roaming bolt-ons for calls, or upgrading your account to a roaming specific plan, ensuring you achieve maximum business efficiency while travelling off-island.

Who are the suitable network partners at your destination?

Our extensive roaming agreements mean you can use your phone in over 550 countries worldwide. We recommend checking our list of partner networks at your intended destination, and ensuring they can support the services you need, especially if you are travelling to a remote location. A small number of networks may only support voice services for example, which could pose an issue if you require data services. Our full list of worldwide roaming partners here.

Are there any specific settings on your device that need to be activated before you travel?

Data roaming

  • If data roaming is required, make sure your device is set to 3G only - 4G out-roaming is not currently available with any Channel Islands operator.
  • Ensure you have activated data roaming in your mobile data settings and input the Access Point Name (APN). For our network the APN is

Voice roaming

  • If you are having issues with a voice connection go to SIM services > Roaming > and ensure Home is selected.


  • The majority of roaming issues are handset related. A total reboot of your handset will often solve most issues. If this doesn't work please contact your account manager.

As well the above, it’s a good idea to review your plan every few months, as the needs of your business may have changed significantly in that time. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help.