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Fixed wireless phone (Guernsey)


The fixed wireless phone gives you all the benefits of a landline without any of the hassle.

  • Enjoy an 01481 prefix
  • A fully portable solution with no landline wires
  • No installation fee or engineer visit
  • Cheaper than using a landline
  • Simple to sign up and take home
  • No monthly bills on the Pay-as-you-go option

Pay monthly

If you are a big talker, our new Fixed Wireless Phone plan offers you unlimited calls and SMS to all Channel Island and UK numbers (ex Premium) for just £10.99 per month! All other calls are charged as per the tables detailed below.

Contract length Monthly rolling 12 months 24 months
Monthly Rental & Bundle £10.99 with Unlimited CI & UK calls (ex Premium)
Handset cost £48 £29 FREE
International and Premium calls Call Rates
Premium numbers Click here
International calls Click here


Don’t want to be tied to a contract? The same great offer is also available on pay as you go as well. Simply top up by £9.99 and you get the same great benefits. That’s unlimited calls and SMS to all Channel Island and UK numbers (ex Premium), valid for 30 days.

Top up amount £9.99
Benefits Unlimited CI & UK calls (ex Premium)
Validity of benefits 30 days
Credit No Credit
Handset cost £48

If you need to make international calls, then simply top up with either £5/£10 or £20 and calls with be charged as per the calls rates below.

International and Premium calls Call Rates
Worldwide SMS 15p
Europe 30p
Rest of world 70p
Premium numbers Click here

10p connection charge applies.

Visit one of our stores if you would like to buy a Fixed Wireless Phone and plan.

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