Power-up your home with 4G Home Broadband

With our 4G home broadband you can get online instantly with no need for a landline, no connection charges and no need to wait for an engineer. It's really easy to get online, for a seamless browsing experience on our 4G network.  

So why not get connected to 4G home broadband for only £18.99 per month! 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of network service, you can cancel the contract within the first 14 days without any ongoing commitment.

What do I do next?

Pop in store with ID and proof of address so we can set you up as a Pay monthly customer. Then purchase a 4G wireless router* - we will supply you with a SIM card. Once you've got the router home, simply plug in and play!

*Please ask a member of staff for the current 4G router retail price.

So what do you get?

  • 100GB of data
  • 4G wireless home broadband
Contract type Monthly rental 
Monthly rolling/12 month contract £18.99

Benefits of 4G home broadband

  • No wires or connection charges
  • Consistent browsing and internet access
  • Connect multiple devices to the router at home
  • No need for a landline
  • No need for an engineer


How do I set it up?

We will provide you with a router including full instructions.

Will I still need fixed line home broadband?

The faster, more capable wireless 4G network can be used to replace fixed broadband services depending on what type of user you are, so no need to pay for a fixed landline and a fixed broadband service to get online. You’ll get an equivalent internet experience at a reduced monthly fee, with no connection or set-up charges and no need for wires into your home. Ask one of our advisors about what type of user you are.

What if I use more than 100GB per month?

If you need more data, you can add one of these data bolt-ons:

  • £10 for 50GB
  • £15 for 100GB

Does 4G use more data?

Technically no, but data is consumed a lot quicker on 4G. The amount you use depends on what you are doing online. For example downloads, uploads and streaming use more data than social media browsing. Your experience will be quicker so you will do more in less time and because you are doing more in less time, that means you could be using more data in a month than you used to use on our old 3G network.

Check out our Ultimate Data Guide for great tips on monitoring and managing your data.

Please note, these prices do not include GST.