Enable my SIM for indirect roaming

How to use our indirect roaming partner networks

Please note:

Our roaming partner network should be used as a guide and prior to travelling, customer should contact 121 FREE from their Airtel- Vodafone handset to find out the latest information.

How do I roam with these partner network operators when in these countries?

  1. Go to the ‘SIM Services’
  2. Click ‘Roaming Manager’
  3. Select ‘International’
  4. Your SIM will refresh
  5. You may be asked to enter your pin number, please enter it when prompted. You will now be on the International services of your SIM card which will allow you to connect to our Partner Networks.
  6. Go to ‘Menu’ and then ‘Settings’, Select ‘Network Services’ and then ‘Network Selection’ and search ‘Manually’ for a required network which will enable you to roam.
  7. If you successfully connect to the desired network, you are now ready to start using your mobile. If you cannot latch on to the desired network and have 3G handset, you will need to ensure your handset is set to ‘GMS only’. Then once set to GSM only, repeat step 6.

If you experience any problems, please kindly register this with our call centre at your earliest convenience leaving your name, the country you are in and your alternative contact number.

Log your roaming problem - by phone +447829700121

Please note:

  • Depending on your handset, SIM Services is located in different menus
  • You only have to use our partner networks when you are roaming in a country where we do not currently have a DIRECT roaming agreement
  • To find out which countries we do have DIRECT agreement with; please click here


How much will I be charged for making calls, sending texts and receiving calls whilst roaming?

Click here for roaming rates.

Can’t find country you’re travelling to?

Unfortunately, this means that we currently do not have a roaming agreement with this country.

More questions

If you have any questions on our direct roaming or partner networks, please call 121 from your Airtel-Vodafone handset before travelling or dial 07829 700121 (Jersey customer) or  07839 700212 (Guernsey customer) from any other number.