Activation and setup

Register/activate your SIM

  1. Remove the SIM card from your pack, insert it into your handset and switch it on. 
  2. You will be asked to enter a PIN. We have set the PIN number to 1234 by default. Enter this number and press OK. You can change/deactivate this PIN at any time from the security settings on your phone. 
  3. Dial *123# to activate your SIM card.
  4. If you have done this successfully, the handset will show 'Airtel' on the screen.

Your Pay-as-you-go SIM comes with no initial balance unless stated otherwise so please follow the how to steps below to top-up your credit

How to top-up

  • You can top-up online here.
  • You can top-up using a top-up card or through Payzones at most convenience stores.
  • You can also dial 121 from any Airtel-Vodafone handset to top-up over the phone.
  • Visit our store.

Check your balance and validity

Simply dial 123 to hear your account balance and validity period. To display your account balance and validity on your handset, simply dial *123#

Adding a bolt-on

If you'd like to add a bolt-on to your account, simply dial 123 and press 4


We have already activated your voicemail so that you will never miss a call. If you switch your phone off or you divert all calls, your already activated voicemail service will help you by picking up your calls for you. To personalise your voicemail message, listen to left messages and access the advanced voicemail services (like voicemail messages sent as an audio file to an email address of your choice), simply dial 191 from your handset*.

*Standard local call rates charged per minute for accessing your voicemail.

Data Set-up

In order for your device to access the internet, an APN setting is required.

Please enter the folllowing details in your internet settings:
APN Name: Airtel
User name: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank
APN Type: Default

If you experience any issues during set-up and would like some help please contact us by calling 121 or you can chat to us on Facebook or Twitter.