Getting started

How do I become an Airtel-Vodafone customer?

Joining our network is quick, simple and can be done in store, online or over the phone

Keep your existing number

Mobile number portability (MNP) means that if you switch to us from JT or Sure, you keep you current number and avoid the hassle of telling all your contacts that your number has changed. 


New number:

You can pick up a numbered SIM card from our shops, most convenience stores in the Channel Islands or online here

More about best value Pay-as-you-go here.

Order a FREE SIM card here.

Switching your Pay-as-you-go number to us:

You can keep you same number when you move from another local operator to Airtel-Vodafone, this is free and is known as ‘porting’ or ‘switching’ your number. 

Switch to us on Pay-as-you-go for loads of fabulous freebees and start saving on the cost of your calls, texts and data.

What do I need to know:

  • Your keep your existing number
  • You don’t need to supply any photographic ID
  • You won’t be without service during the switching process
  • It shouldn’t take longer than 48 hours

Click here for your free switching pack and more about Pay-as-you-go Jersey.

Click here for your free switching pack and more about Pay-as-you-go Guernsey.

Pay Monthly

If you would like to join our network on a monthly contract, we will require the following documentation.

Proof of identity (one of the following) :

  • A Channel Island driving licence
  • A passport

Proof of address (one of the following):

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement

If you are applying in Guernsey, you will also need to supply your valid housing license.

The above documents must be no more than three months old and must clearly show your home address details.

Switching your Pay monthly number to us:

You can also switch your number to us when you sign up to a pay monthly or SIM only plan. The same documents listed above will be needed to move your number from another local operator to Airtel-Vodafone. If you are porting a Pay monthly number we have to check with your current provider that you don’t have any outstanding bills.

How long can porting take?

Depending on the time of day your port request is submitted, your port to your new network provider shouldn't take more than up to 48 hours. 

For any questions contact our call centre on +44 (0)7829 700121 (Jersey) or +44 (0)7839 700121 (Guernsey) or 121 from an Airtel-Vodafone device.