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As a mobile only provider, focused purely on Channel Island business, we spend a lot of time talking to local businesses, and the key message that comes out is how do they increase business efficiency, maximize business opportunities and reduce costs. Getting the right smartphone strategy in place is a key part of that. Today, fast, efficient and seamless access to information and data drives competitive advantage. Modern businesses are expected to be always on and always contactable, if they want to stay ahead of the game.

Is your smartphone strategy fit for business?
Our partner Vodafone has reported that for every working day a small to medium business is separated from its smartphone capabilities, it misses an average of four new business opportunities. 

Our Business Plus service can help you work smarter with the right mobile advice and the best value plans. Our dedicated team of smartphone specialists are on hand to offer expert advice and will tailor the best mobile plan to suit your business needs, as well as suggesting the best handsets for your business. We also offer a Mobile Health Check service so you can be sure your phones are operating at their full potential, empowering you and your employees. 

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* Statistics based on data reported in the Vodafone Perspective Series.





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