The Government of Jersey selected Airtel-Vodafone through a competitive tender process from around 60 companies to address the challenges posed by the island's ageing population and the outdated Community Alarm Service (CAS). Airtel-Vodafone was recognised for our innovative approach in transforming healthcare services


Jersey's community healthcare system was struggling with an increasing and ageing population. This challenge was compounded by the limitations of the outdated community alarm systems, which were not in line with the Jersey Care Plan. Problems included failures on analogue lines, lack of fail-proof measures, inappropriate ambulance use, straining emergency resources, and unnecessary hospital admissions. The reliance on analogue units restricted users to a single telephony provider and led to siloed information, impeding effective care delivery.


Why Airtel-Vodafone?

Airtel-Vodafone proposed a digital, scalable solution to enhance service quality and support independent living. Our approach was built on resilience and advanced technology, in collaboration with Vodafone IoT, a leader in healthcare IoT. Key elements included advanced IoT integration, robust communication systems, and future-proofing care delivery.


The implementation of Airtel-Vodafone's solution from July to December 2022 involved implementing new monitoring centre software, extensive training, community outreach, and supporting the physical transition of 1,100 users from analogue to digital systems. This project set a new benchmark in healthcare service delivery in Jersey by leveraging IoT technology and ensuring multi-network resilience. It overcame the challenges of the outdated CAS and established a scalable blueprint for future technology-enabled care services, marking a significant advancement in healthcare and showcasing Airtel-Vodafone's commitment to deploying resilient, technology-driven solutions for community betterment.


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