Fleet management to drive your business further.

Optimize and future-proof your fleet with Airtel-Vodafone’s vehicle tracking and management system.

We install smart sensors on your vehicles to give you complete control with your personalized dashboard on one easy-to-use platform. You can manage your routes in real-time, analyze vehicle and driver performance data and increase employee safety.

"The driver score facility has allowed us to create a safe driver league which allows our team to compare their driving skills against their colleagues."
Tony Reed, Head of Operations, Jersey Dairy

Jersey Dairy

Airtel-Vodafone IoT vehicle management services are adapted to meet your specific business needs. Our solutions and useful features empower you to stay one step ahead and always stay in control.

"We would absolutely recommend the Airtel-Vodafone vehicle tracking system to any local business that operates a fleet of vehicles offering a customer-focused service."
David Quemard, Director, Number One Recovery

Enhance the value of your vehicles.

Optimize operations and reduce costs
The vehicle tracking system allows you to track and optimise routes, manage driving behaviours and stay in control to reduce time and costs. The fleet management software will enable you to make valuable analytic insights to empower your business decisions.

Maximize safety and improve fuel economy
We understand that the safety and security of your drivers are your priority. Receive driver behaviour data and contribute to road safety by monitoring speeding and lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. View more..

Proactive vehicle maintenance
Automate engine diagnostic tests and schedule preventative vehicle maintenance to keep your fleet safe and reliable before it’s too late.

Improve customer service
Track operational activity in real-time and respond to customer requests with accurate ETAs. Notify your drivers of updates and alternative routes to maximize customer service.

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