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How to login to your router and check usage

How much data have you used so far?

If you're with us on 4G Home Broadband, you can follow these simple instructions to login to your router, and check your current usage.

Router instructions:

1. Download the Huawei HiLink app on your mobile (you can find it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store)

2. Enter your username and password (this can be found on the underneath of your router, but is default set to ‘admin’ and ‘admin’)

3. Now you can see your statistics – who is logged in to your router currently, and also how much data you’ve currently used since you last reset the router

4. Set up your router so that the statistics reset at the same time as your Airtel-Vodafone billing period (20th each month to 19th each month), so that you can keep an eye on your usage.

For help with the above please call 121 from your Airtel-Vodafone mobile, or 01534 520121 from landlines and other mobiles.

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