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How to enable your mobile data

How to enable data settings on your phone 

Often if your mobile internet isn't working, it is because your phone is missing the APN settings. We have put together a quick guide to help you activate your mobile data.


  1. Go to Settings  Mobile Data and turn on Mobile Data.
  2. In the same menu go to Mobile Data Network and enter the APN:
  3. Finally, we recommend turning off the Wi-Fi Assist function as this switches your phone to mobile data if it senses a low Wi-Fi signal, which in turn can consume your data allowance when you think you are connected to Wi-Fi. Return to the mobile data menu and scroll right down to the bottom and turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Settings based on iOS 10.

Please note, settings may change on other versions of software.


  1. Go to Settings  Wireless & networks  Data usage and turn on Mobile data.
  2. Select Access Point Names and add the following APN: Name:- Airtel, APN:-

Settings based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Please note, settings may differ on other versions of software.

For expert advice on managing your data usage, see our Ultimate Data Guide here.

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