Understanding your first bill

When you first join or request for services to be added on an existing account, your first/next bill will be different than your standard bills. This is because we charge rental a month in advance, and we also charge a pro-rated amount from the day the services are activated up until the end of the bill cycle. 

Overview of your bill

Your bill will give you a breakdown of your services, such as :

•    Your monthly rental charges. For example, mobile, broadband and landline.
•    Any credit, such as adjustments for offers or pro-rated service charges.

If your bill amount isn’t what you were expecting, look at your bill to check :

•    If you have added or changed any plans or services.
•    If there are any roaming charges.
•    If there are any out of bundle usage charges, outside of your monthly package. 
•    If you’re still not sure about the charges, please contact us.

My bill is showing a brought forward balance

A brought forward balance is an amount owing from a previous bill(s) which is listed on your current bill. You may have a balance brought forward because of the following reasons:
•    Have you paid your previous bill in full?
•    Did you make payment for your previous bill(s) after the due date at the top of your bill? 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of the above questions this is likely to be the reason why the balance is brought forward to your current bill.

When and how can I view my bill?

E-bills are sent after the 21st of the month. A text message containing your E-bill password is also sent out at the same time your bill is delivered. If you have opted to receive a paper bill, you can expect it via post by the 27th of each month for the previous month.

My electronic bill (E-bill) is password protected. Can I have one that isn’t?

Protecting your data is our priority and bills can contain sensitive information, such as call logs and data usage, they will always be password-protected for data privacy purposes.

How do I get my E-bill password?

The E-bill password is always sent via SMS to your primary number/alternate number every month. If you have forgotten or did not receive your Ebill password, you can request for a duplicate copy of your bill, you will then receive an autogenerated E-bill password along with the E-bill. If you still have not received it, please call our call centre on 121 or email us at 121@airtel-vodafone.com

What are the bill cycle dates?

The billing cycle begins on the 20th of each month to the 19th of the following month. For e.g. the 20th of January to the 19th of February.

Can I see my itemized data usage on my bill?

For your convenience and privacy, we’ve summarized the list of data usage on your bill.

What is advanced line rental?

Rental is charged one month in advance from the 20th of the month to the 19th of the following month.

*Please note, this does not apply to our Islander plan or Islander plan plus tariffs.

What are prorated charges?

Prorated charges are the partial month charges for services/line rental from the date of activation or resumption of a suspended service, until the end of that billing period.

I want to pay manually, before direct debit is taken – when does it need to be paid by?

Payment due date is by the 5th of every month, to avoid the account being sent for direct debit.

How can I pay my bill?

1. Pay your bill through the My Airtel-Vodafone mobile App.
2. Online at selfcare.airtel-vodafone.com
3. Ask AVA chatbot on our website.
4. By calling our call centre on +44-7829-700-121 /+44-7839 -700-121 via debit or credit card.
5. Visiting our store.
6. Bank transfer (BACS), Details are below – please ensure to put your mobile number as the reference for payment:


Account Name:

Jersey Airtel Limited

Bank Name:


Bank Account Number:


Bank Sort Code:



Account Name:

Guernsey Airtel Limited

Bank Name:


Bank Account Number:


Bank Sort Code:


Can I change my direct debit or bill date?

No, these dates are fixed.

Can I set up a payment plan?

We understand that situations beyond your control can sometimes affect your ability to make payment on your account.

We recommend contacting us at your earliest convenience to request an account review. We can make sure your account has the most suitable plans and services for your needs. Following this, we will involve our Credit Control team if it's still necessary.

What is your cancelation policy?

We have 30-day cancellation notice period. The service is usually terminated within the 30 days. Early contract termination fees may apply.

How is local data charged in units?

Local data is measured in Kilobytes (KB) 

How is data roaming charged in units?

Data roaming is measured in Bytes (B)