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How to retrieve an SMS which has been sent to your router

Step 1: Connect to your Airtel-Vodafone router/mifi device and login to the admin page by typing in the IP address that appears on the router (eg.
This IP address may differ depending on the make and model of router you are using, see list below.
Portable Mi-Fi router devices:
  • Huawei E5576 –
  • Alcatel MW40V –
4G home Routers:
  • Huawei B315S and B311 –
  • Huawei B593 –
The default user name and password is below – we recommend changing the password.  The guide below relates to Huawei. Follow the same steps to login to the Alacatel admin page and click on the SMS icon.   
Username: admin
Password: admin
Step 2: To access the SMS inbox, click on the icon on the top right corner.
Step 3: Access inbox to retrieve one-time password.
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