FREE Pay-as-you-go SIM cards

Welcome to Super SIM, the best value Pay-as-you-go service in the Channel Islands.

Whether you are a new or existing customer or want to switch your number to our network, our FREE Super SIM Pack gives you great rates as standard, lots of freebees and the ability to add on extras to suit your needs. And we’ll deliver one to your home for free!

Key features:

  • Up to 20GB of free data on top-ups
  • Free Airtel to Airtel calls and texts on certain top-ups
  • Unlimited continuous free calls and texts to 5 friends on our network (minimum credit balance required, call 123 to activate)
  • The best rates for national and international calls
  • Bonus credit days on top-ups


Top-up Receive FREE
£10-£19.99 10GB Data
Unlimited Airtel to Airtel calls/SMS
14-day validity
£20+ 20GB Data
Unlimited Airtel to Airtel calls/SMS
30-day validity

There is no daily data cap on our free data.

Super SIM Pay-as-you-go rates

All local mobiles 7p
All local landlines 7p
UK landlines 5p
UK mobiles 7p
Portugal landlines 5p
Portugal mobiles 25p
Poland landlines 5p
Poland mobiles 25p
Ireland landlines 5p
Ireland mobiles 30p
Latvia and Hungary landlines 5p
Latvia and Hungary mobiles 30p
Bulgaria landlines 5p
Bulgaria mobiles 30p
Romania landlines 5p
Romania mobiles 30p
Bangladesh landlines 5p
Bangladesh mobiles 30p
Europe landlines 18p
Europe mobiles 18p
Texts 7p
Local internet usage (per MB) 4p (+1p session charge)

Call rates shown are per minute. GST applicable on above Airtel-Vodafone tariffs in Jersey. Data sessions have a minimum session charge of 1Mb and subsequent charging is always rounded up to the next Mb session. A standard text message is 160 characters.

Order a numbered Pay-as-you-go Super SIM card

Click here to order a numbered Super SIM card.

Switch your number to us on Pay-as-you-go Super SIM

What do I need to know:

  • You keep your existing number
  • You don’t need to supply any photographic ID
  • You won’t be without service during the switching process
  • It shouldn’t take longer than 48 hours

Click here for your free Pay-as-you-go Super SIM switching pack in Jersey.

Click here for your free Pay-as-you-go Super SIM switching pack in Guernsey.